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Testimonial by Tiffany 0

Testimonial by Tiffany

Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Tiffany last name Vu. I’m Vietnamese. I live in Canada, BC,Vancouver, working at Multiple Realty. I’m a Realtor. I like to learn Mandarin....

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Video – Mandarin Speaking Competition

British leaders are encouraging their students to learn Mandarin Chinese.  More than 100 British school children took part in a national Mandarin Chinese speaking competition earlier this year.  Only non-native Mandarin speakers could participate...

Mandarin Conversation Class 0

Thinking of learning Mandarin?  In our Group Classes you’ll have fun while easily learning to converse in the language which is spoken the most in the world.  Or step  up the speed and take the fast track with our Intensive...

Another happy student! 0

Another happy student!

An email from another happy student: I want to let you know that I completed my sessions with Linda today and it far surpassed my wildest dreams! In addition to teaching me vocabulary and...

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  Here’s a screenshot of a recommendation of Key Language Training, posted by a former student.  The original link is