Another happy student!

An email from another happy student:

I want to let you know that I completed my sessions with Linda today and it far surpassed my wildest dreams!

In addition to teaching me vocabulary and pronunciation, she did something I didn’t think was possible – she made learning the language fun and made me even more interested in China and its culture.  Since I booked my trip to China two months ago I have been more excited than ever, and Linda intensified that excitement more than I could have imagined.  Both yesterday and today I was in clients offices showing off my Mandarin!

My favourite lines are:

Nǐ hǎo ma?

Wǒ shì Dà wèi ( ).

Tāmen shì wǒ érzi Stefan hé Mika.

Wǒmen shì Jiānádà rén.  (Wǒ bùshì Měiguó rén.)

Wǒmen cóng Wēngēhuá lái.

Zhèxiē shù hěn piāo liàng.

Qǐng lái sān píng píjǐou.

Hǎo de. Hǎo.  Hǎo.  Xièxie nǐ.


I leave for Beijing (north capital), Nanjing (south capital), Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Suzhou, Wuxi and Shanghai at noon tomorrow and will let you know about my trip when I return on June 5th.  And next year I hope to go to the west and east capitals!

Tài gǎn xiè le!

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