Thinking of learning Mandarin?  In our Group Classes you’ll have fun while easily learning to converse in the language which is spoken the most in the world.  Or step  up the speed and take the fast track with our Intensive Mandarin Course. Whatever your goals we have classes starting soon for you – see our schedule.

We offer Mandarin classes and tutoring in Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey and online for beginners and all levels of Mandarin Speaker.

We also teach Mandarin for Business.  We have specialised programs in

  • Mandarin for Realtors
  • Mandarin for Car Dealerships
  • Mandarin for Bankers
  • Mandarin for Travellers
  • Legal Mandarin

and we can customise a program for whatever your business is.  We help business people learn to converse in Mandarin within a short period of time and we help you to increase sales and profits through improved relationships with Chinese speaking customers and business partners.

We can even help save you two thirds of the cost of tuition – if you qualify for the BC Job Grant which is a cost-sharing program that helps employers invest in training for their current or future employees.   Employers can receive up to $10,000 in FREE grants per employee, and offset two-thirds of their training costs. Self-employed individuals or sole proprietors may also qualify.  For more information, visit our BC Job Grant page.   See how much some of our students have already received to learn Mandarin.  We can help you apply.

Visit our website for more details on all of our programs.

Call us at 778-230-4940 or email with any questions.

Register Now  or Contact us for a free consultation or sign up for an info session at

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