About Us

Key language Training (KLT) has many years of experience teaching Mandarin Chinese.  It is our expertise and our passion. We strive to teach Mandarin in fun, easy, and effective way. Having gone through the process of learning additional languages, our teachers understand students’ needs and their challenges of learning a second language. We use a variety of teaching startegies to ensure all our students’ learning goals are achieved. You will learn the most practical and effective Chinese expressions for your business, personal and social purposes.

Mandarin Teacher


Founder of Key Language Training, Suzanne has 15 years experience teaching languages to adults and children.  She was born in China and Mandarin is her native tongue. She is also fluent in French, English and Cantonese. Before immigrating to Canada in 2004, she taught Mandarin, French and English to individuals, corporate executives and students at various international schools, and in the US, British, and French Consulates in Guangzhou, China.

Suzanne has received teacher’s training in both China and Canada. She obtained a degree in French Language Arts from SunYat-Sen University, a diploma in Education from South China University, and received her Teacher Education at the University of British Columbia.

Suzanne is a certified member of the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia. She has been a professional interpreter/translator for many years, translating between Chinese-French and Chinese – English.  She is responsible for the overall operation of the Chinese language training and Chinese translation services.