Learn Mandarin & pay only $15/hour for 1 on 1 tuition

Canada-BC Job Grant

Now open for applications for training that starts before Dec 30, 2016.

job grant

Employers can receive up to $10,000 in FREE grants per employee, and offset two-thirds of your training costs for current or future employees.

Self-employed individuals or sole proprietors may also qualify. For more information, visit Canada-BC Job Grant

Our unique intensive Mandarin program helps you to learn Mandarin in the fastest and most effective way. You can converse in Mandarin with our four month intensive program! We have a proven track record!
Individual Mandarin Lessons
Act now to take advantage of this amazing opportunity before the funding runs out! It costs $15/hour for 1 on 1 lessons after reimbursement from job grant.

P.S. some of our students received up to $10k to learn Mandarin at Key Language Training. We can help you with the application process.

Contact us for a free consultation or sign up for an info session http://www.meetup.com/Mandarin-604

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