Video – Mandarin Speaking Competition

British leaders are encouraging their students to learn Mandarin Chinese. 

More than 100 British school children took part in a national Mandarin Chinese speaking competition earlier this year. 

Only non-native Mandarin speakers could participate and the prize was a trip to China!  The aim of the competition is to encourage greater interest in Chinese language and culture. 

Vicky Gough, Schools Adviser at the British Council said: “With more than one billion Mandarin Chinese speakers in the world, it is vital that more of our young people learn this valuable language in order to give them the advantage they need to live in a global society and compete in a global economy.

“Languages are crucial for work and life in the global race, and Mandarin Chinese is one of the frontrunners.  If the UK is to remain competitive on the international stage, we need far more of our young people to understand more about Chinese language and culture in order to work abroad or for multinationals here in the UK.”


Watch the video:

britain mandarin speaking competition video

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